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Rice Pilaf Recipe Measured And Detailed Grain Rice

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For rice cooked for 100 people 10 kilograms long grain rice
1.5 kilograms of barley noodle 1.5 liter liquid sunflower oil
1 kilogram of butter 400 grams salt Half lemon juice
 18 liters of plain bone water Large pot
How to make rice grain? Measured rice pilaf
Detailed description of rice pilaf of 100 people
Ten kilograms long grain rice One and a half kilograms of barley noodle One and a half liter of liquid sunflower oil
One kilogram of butter Four grams salt
Half lemon juice  Plain boiled bone water
Add it into a container with a pound size
The pearl measure will be the same with the stone and water stone
Add some salt In cold water with normal water
Rice should wait at least forty minutes in water
Wash the rice slowly several times
Wash without damaging the rice only slowly stir
Wash at least 3 times and drain the water
Add the rice into the strainer, prepare for the filtration and cooking without any water Add a kilo of barley noodles to a large pot
Add one and a half liters of liquid sunflower oil and fire the oven
Ready to boil water to be added pilates
Pick rice from the widest range of cooked rice
The bigger the saucepan the nicer the rice will be
Add the rice when the colors of the locals are pink
Stir again without harming the rice
Blending and stirring slowly Add one kilogram of butter oil
If you add the butter oil early, it can burn and form a black color
To make good quality rice with water
Add a bowl of boiling water to a bowl of rice and have a nice steaming  Add fourty grams of salt Optionally add powdered meat broth . Add the rice salt water just before adding the water
Add the boiling water by opening the middle of the material
Add five cups of rice and six cups of water for a noodle
Add half a lemon juice
Stir a few laps and close the lid
Bring the gold to the lowest level in the boiling position and cook for about fifteen minutes
After fifteen minutes of cooking, let it bake for another fifteen minutes Mix the edges and wait ten minutes and be ready to serve
Rice is ready to be served
 You can add it with a round scoop to make the rice stand nicely on the plate
Do not forget to eat the best chickpeas and dry beans beside the rice
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